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PostSubject: Website Rules   Website Rules I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 28, 2011 5:49 pm

Your wolf may have a mate, but ONLY ON THE WEBSITE. Nothing on WolfQuest, that is against the forum rules, and if your wolf does get a mate, nothing graphic or inappropriate. Please keep this PG, we don't need anything less or more.

No detailed birthing, and don't time-skip (pass up time/pretend something happened and blacked it out) with out Vitani's permission. Make sure that all recaps are accurate, and not saying that a unicorn ran through the forest.

No power playing, (killing in one blow/breaking bones in one blow). Its unfair and unrealistic, a fight may last up to ten posts per fighter, but after that one person must either back down/give up. Unless fighting happens to be playing or training, its permitted for longer then ten posts per user.

If your character is to go hunting, the hunt has to last at least five (detailed) posts, if its one post that only says: "Chases after elk. After a few minutes the elk was dead." You MUST have some detail in your hunts and it MUST last up to five posts.

Do NOT take role playing seriously, some characters are supposed to make you angry/upset. But don't take it to far like that one character is thinking he can rule the pack. We are all equals, though the King and Queen have more permissions then the others.

Have fun, and try to make this a fun experience for everyone else.

If you have any questions, please send Bone Shatter a PM through WolfQuest, or send Vitani a PM through this website. Thank you!

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Website Rules
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