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 WolfQuest Topic Rules

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PostSubject: WolfQuest Topic Rules   WolfQuest Topic Rules I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 28, 2011 5:12 pm

Respect all members, this will resolve in problems in the pack, and I hope that this pack makes it far. This can also get the pack locked, and we wont be very popular with all the other members.

If you have a problem with the pack/members/etc. please contact Bone Shatter instead of ranting on the website and topic. Depending on the fairness, the problem reported may or may not be announced at a pack meeting.

ts not required, but its preferred that you join the website. Please also make sure that you are active on BOTH the website and the topic. If you are not active for a week then you will be given a warning, if you are not active for two weeks you will be banned from the pack. Do not worry about being inactive if you have notified the Queen and/or King.

You must have reached at least 1OO posts in order to join the pack. This proves that you are active enough to stay in the pack. You may join the pack as a Pack Friend even if you do not have 1OO posts yet so that you may keep up with the pack until you have made it to the 1OO post count requirement.

You may re-join the pack up to 3 times, after that you are no longer welcome here and will be placed under the banned members list. You may leave the pack 2 times and join back one more time, but you can only be kicked out once and you MAY NOT join back.

Please note, that if you have been known to break the rules, I will contact the leaders of some of your other packs to see what they think of you, and see what they think of you as a pack member. Please note that its not personal, I just want the best for my pack and I want no rule breakers in my pack.

You can not be in more then 5 packs, if you are a very active WolfQuest Community Member, please send me a PM (only if you have more then 5 packs) and we may be able to work something out. We may be able to work something out in order for you to maybe become a full time member.

Please note that I will not be making ANY exceptions for you, you HAVE to follow all the rules no matter if you are a moderator/admin/or report team. You will be expected to follow the rules.

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WolfQuest Topic Rules
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